DVDFab Platinum & DVDFab Gold

* Can I try DVDFab Platinum or DVDFab Gold before I buy it?
Yes, we recommend you to try our software at first. Please download a free trial version!

* Is DVDFab Platinum or DVDFab Gold easy to use?
Yes. DVDFab Platinum or DVDFab Gold is designed with the beginner in mind, so it’s very easy to use.

* Is there Mac version of your software?
We are sorry, but there are no Mac versions of DVDFab Platinum or DVDFab Gold.

* Is your online order form secure?
Yes, it is 100% secure.

* I don’t have a Credit Card. How can I order your products?
In addition to credit card ordering, we provide Phone, Fax, Mail, Check and Cash ordering. Please visit the Order Page for more detail.

* Do I need to pay for upgrades?
For many years, Fengtao Software, Inc. has sold its products with lifetime support and upgrades at no additional charge. The increasing costs of maintaining and improving product feature sets and keeping up with ever changing protection schemes regrettably mean this is no longer possible. Purchases made after May 8, 2008 will include a ONE YEAR software license with full upgrades and support. Renewals will be available for a modest fee. Purchases that were made before the policy change date will continue to receive upgrades and support benefits that never expire. These changes will allow us to continue selling our products at reasonable prices. The positive feedback from the renewal system will make us work even harder to keep our products the best. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

* I lost my registration information. How can I get it back?
Please contact us. We will send your register information to your registered E-mail address then.

* I changed my E-mail address. What should I do?
If you changed your email address, please contact us. We will change it in our database.

* Will I get a hardcopy (CD) for the software I purchased?
You will not get CD, only registration key will be sent to you, and you just need it to activate the trial version into registered version

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